Agile Training

Altogether Agile can offer bespoke Agile training – on-site or online – customized to fulfill your development needs or certified DSDM and APMG courses.  Agile training is the first step to developing your capabilities and will focus on the Agile development process or address wider topics.

Agile Coaching

An Agile Coach enables a team to understand and adapt to an Agile process. Developing an Agile skill-set is an experiential process best learned by doing. An Agile Coach works with Agile leaders to develop a learning culture where the team can safely experiment with a new way of working.

Agile Consulting

As an experienced consultant, I can provide expert advice on getting the right transition for your organization.  To ensure the benefits of an Agile approach are achieved it is important the bigger picture is considered followed by careful upfront planning to avoid a ‘Fragile Agile’ implementation.

Agile Training, Agile Coaching, Agile Consulting

Agile Certifications & Bespoke Courses

I’m Alun Davies-Baker, a certified DSDM Trainer-Coach, with 20 years experience in senior leadership and consulting roles.  I have run enterprise projects with Agile since 2009 and as an independent consultant I now offer:

•  Agile training courses.  I’m certified to run DSDM and APMG (AgilePM, BA, and PgM) courses for Project and Programme Managers.  I also frequently run Scrum, User Story, introductory Agile courses and well as bespoke Agile courses

•  Agile coaching.  To embed Agile Scrum Master and Project Management learning,  I coach teams or individuals, during Agile transformation initiatives

•  Agile consulting.  As an experienced project manager and consultant, on Agile and non-Agile projects, I can advise which Agile framework is suitable for your organisation

I have a particular interest in how Agile fosters creative and collaborative team-working.  The trend towards highly empowered, autonomous working is reflected in my blog posts.  I’m a strong advocate of interactive, experiential teamwork with the use of facilitated workshops and creative, visual modeling techniques – user story mapping, customer journeys, lean canvas, etc.

Before Agile, I had consulting and project management roles—leading a consulting team on enterprise projects and programmes.  I experienced the good and bad aspects of modern projects.  This led to my drive to do things in a better, more enjoyable way.  My projects have focussed on technologies ranging from BI to ERP and CRM:

  • Agile project management: certified DSDM Trainer-Coach and Examiner (probationary)
  • Team management: organisational set-up, recruitment, development and line management
  • Confident presenter and certified de Bono facilitator
  • Toolbox of facilitation tools – user stories, user story mapping, customer journeys, process mapping, etc
  • Extensive experience of Software Development Lifecycle
  • Considerable knowledge of enterprise application technologies and processes