management 3.0 foundation workshop

Management 3.0 Foundation Workshop

The Management 3.0 Foundation Workshop is the signature workshop of the Management 3.0 team.  The workshop equips individuals and teams with the knowledge and skills to lead in today’s rapidly changing business environment.

Who is it for?

Whether you are a team leader, manager, agile coach, scrum master, or project manager, this workshop can help take your leadership skills to the next level.  This is where you learn all the basics of Management 3.0. and take-away some immediately useful games and techniques.

What’s covered?

Martie, the six-eyed Management Monster, represents the six organisational views covered during a Management 3.0 Foundation Workshop.  Each foundation workshop covers six views on organisations plus the basics of Management & Leadership as well as Complexity 3.0 foundation workshop

The Management 3.0 Foundation Workshop provides attendees with practical tools and techniques for motivating and engaging people, delegating and empowering teams, aligning constraints, developing competencies, scaling organisational structure, and managing change.

Learning outcomes

At the end of this workshop and your active participation in all sessions, you will be able to:management 3.0 foundation workshop

  • Describe the difference between Management 1.0 and Management 3.0 leadership style and what it means to be an Agile Leader
  • Identify a better approach of how to deal with complexity and uncertainty as a leader
  • Actively influence the six important pillars of organisations
  • Choose from a toolbox of employee engagement practices for handling various situations with team members, colleagues and your own manager more eloquently
  • Increase employee motivation and team collaboration through using Management 3.0 mindset and practices
  • Identify your own areas of development for your leadership

Upon completion of the Management 3.0 Foundation Workshop, attendees will receive a Certificate of Attendance, allowing them to become facilitators themselves within one year.

What’s the agenda?

The standard course is roughly 16 hours and is run over two days.  If delivered online it is slightly longer and chunked up into shorter more brain and eye-friendly sessions over four afternoons.  Typically, it will look something like this – no two courses are the same though and we may flex the agenda based upon the group and discussion.

Session 1 – 1300-1700

  • Welcome and Introductions
  • Management and Leadership
  • Principles

Session 2 – 1300-1700

  • Complexity Thinking
  • Motivation and Engagement

Session 3 – 1300-1700

  • Delegation and Empowerment
  • Culture and Values
  • Learning and Competencies

Session 4 – 1300-1700

  • Scaling Organizational Structure
  • Change Management
  • Wrap-Up and Reflection

Delivery & style

The Management 3.0 Foundation Workshop is offered both as a public and private course.  It is primarily available online but also in-person depending on demand – please, drop us a line to set-up a private course.  It is a very interactive workshop with lots of space for questions and discussion coupled with chances to try out the various games linked to each topic.

management 3.0 foundation workshop

When the course is delivered online we use Zoom and Mural to make it as smooth and as collaborative as possible.  Death by powerpoint is definitely not how we like to run a workshops.  People are encouraged to share their one stories and experiences as it enriches the workshop for everyone.

What’s included?

All workshop participants receive an electronic copy of the slides, a certificate of attendance and a high-resolution copy of the completed Mural.  Other materials, such as online versions of some games are also shared together with any interesting articles that give further insights into a particular topic.

Technical set-up

Sometimes people have technical issues with firewalls and such like, so it is a good idea to test you can use these upfront using the links below.

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