Project Description

Scrum PO training

  • Date – on request

  • Duration – 2-Days

  • Price – see schedule

  • Location – in-person or online
  • Class size – up to 20

Scrum Product Owner

Organisations and business teams are under ever increasing pressure to deliver effective products.  Competition and shrinking budgets mean it is more important that ever to understand where to focus resources to maximise business value.  Traditional approaches to product development have been attacked and undermined by the disruptive practices of start-ups and the access to global consumers by the internet.  This Scrum PO training explores all aspects of the role and looks at how it can respond to the complexities of the modern world.

The Product Owner is the value-maximizer of the Scrum team.  They are the person specifically tasked with understanding the customer and market to ensure a product reflects and responds to changing customer needs and other market factors.

Based upon the Scrum Guide, this Scrum PO course explores the role in a thoughful and practical way.  Importantly, we explore other aspects of the Product Owner role not described in the Scrum Guide.  We consider not only product management and delivery, but how a project approach is different and still valid.

As equally important as the tactical side of product delivery is the visioning and strategising responsibilities of a Product Owner.  We spend time to understand a product lifecycle and how the role of the PO supports different stages and levels of product maturity.

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During the 2-day Scrum PO course, candidates will focus and explore on the following content:

  • Scrum review
  • The Product Owner role in detail
  • Product Vision and Roadmap – creating a strategic plan
  • Market Segmentation and stakeholder management
  • Building and Managing the Product Backlog
  • Prioritisation approaches
  • Release Management

A full 2-day Scrum Product Owner course:

  • Would be Scrum Product Owners
  • Those looking to expore Product Ownership and empirical product management
  • Business or Project Managers looking to explore and understand Agile and the roles of the Product Owner
  • Anyone interested in Scrum!

This course is uncertified, so no exams!

  • Certificate of Attendence
  • Workbook of slides
  • Coffee & refreshments if public course
  • In-house courses can be run at your office or a suitable location of your choosing