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Introduction to Agile

  • Date – on request

  • Duration – 1-Day

  • Price – see schedule

  • Location – in-person or online
  • Class size – up to 20

Introduction to Agile

This is a short introduction to Agile for those where time is tight. Agile has become a popular buzzword over the last few years and is increasingly used by leaders to define what they want from their teams and organisations.  However, the mainstream understanding of Agile and the real practical characteristics of Agile teams and working are often misaligned.  This course is an Agile overview for those looking to start exploring Agile.

More often than not organisational leaders are looking for ways to develop and enable more effective teams with the obvious focus upon reducing costs.  In fact, 71% of respondants to the 2019 State of Agile report stated cost reduction as a driver to adopt Agile.  This is understandable and not incompatible with adopting Agile and Lean practices.

This course looks at explaining Agile and the reasons and requirements for successful adoptions dispelling as many myths as possible.  We look at different Agile frameworks to see how they overlap and differ.  The way Agile teams work and interact is a key topic and something essential for any successful Agile transformation.

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While of course there is an agenda, teams and individuals are encouraged to discuss key topics to share their experience and develop understanding.  No two courses are the same and experience, interests and dynasmics will shape and lead the discussions during this Agile overview:

  • What is Agile?
  • The Agile Manifesto
  • Agile and Lean frameworks
  • What the are the advantages and disadvantages of adopting an Agile approach?
  • Agile teams and events
  • A team focused approach to Agile
  • Scaled Agile approaches
  • Kanban

This course is suitable for those, as the name suggests, wanting an introduction to Agile:

  • Managers and leaders needing an Agile overview to better understand Agile
  • Anyone exploring working in an Agile environment
  • Team leaders and maangers thinking about an Agile transition

This course is uncertified, so no exams!

  • Certificate of Attendence
  • Workbook of slides
  • Coffee & refreshments if public course
  • In-house courses can be run at your office or a suitable location of your choosing