Practice Test for your Scrum Certification!

Prepare for your Scrum certification with our specialized practice test, designed to reflect the complexity and structure of real Scrum certification tests. Dive into our collection of 150 questions and answers that simulate the format of Scrum certification tests, optimized for those searching for effective Scrum test preparation tools.

With a commitment to transparency, aligned with Scrum principles, our objective is to deepen your grasp of Scrum methodologies and frameworks before you take your certification test. We also look forward to learning more about you. While we might contact you about further courses and exclusive offers, we guarantee the utmost respect for your privacy and promise not to share your information. The more detailed your feedback, the more personalized our course and offer recommendations will be.

Ensure you provide a valid email address, as your results will be sent after each test attempt. The test is available online via the Classmarker platform, replicating a genuine test-taking environment:

  • The test features 40 questions chosen randomly from a pool of 150, aiming to closely mimic the actual half a certification test
  • Try the sample test to get accustomed to the question style and test format
  • The test is timed at 30 minutes, mirroring real test conditions
  • All questions are crafted to meet the high-quality standards of Scrum certification tests – they are not always easy!
  • Results, including a breakdown by category and Scrum Guide sections to revise for any wrong answers, will be emailed to you.

Engaging in multiple practice tests can significantly boost your base knowledge and readiness for the real Scrum certification test. Please note: This tool is intended for practice purposes only and does not confer certification.